I want to access YouTube , but it is blocked in China. Is there any method to jump over the Great Firewall? Luckily, I found a good website http://deturl.com/ through which you can download videos from YouTube.

install tools

When you open homepage of the website, click the small icon in top right corner of the screen, then a dialog appears. If you click the add button, a search plugin will be installed by Firefox. You can find it in the list of search engines available in the search bar.

search URL

After you have installed the search bar tool. The next step is to find URL of the video that you want to download from YouTube. How can you do this? You can use a search engine that you prefer to get their URL. For example, if you need some videos about Git, you just type site: youtube git (there is a space following “:”) in Google search bar, then Google will display all the relating items. Click a proper item, a new window will be opened. Of course, there is nothing to be displayed except some error messages, but the selected video URL is in the address bar.

download video

When get the right video URL, copy it from the address bar, then paste it to the search bar of Deturl. The most important thing is to type pwn before youtube in the search bar(so you finally have sth like http://www.pwnyoutube.com/watch?v=VnakEiPzPs8) and hit enter. A web page shows up, including much powerful function. Below the subtitle Download the video as FLV or MP4 files, click Dirpy in the first line, the real web page where you can download the video will appear. Select a video format available, then the video will be downloaded from YouTube .

enjoy it