Luckily, Steven finally took part in the English Corner, and reached there in time. He had his hair cut off, so he looked more energetic and younger than the last time we met him. On the other hand, almost no students knew this activity, peter just announced the event on his small website only with 10 users, so that I had to tell all of the customers of the Bookbar Cafe to join our group. The good news was nearly every customer was interested in speaking English with a foreigner, and we got more than six people to talk with Steven.

Steven spoke English with real American accent and clearly, so it sounded very comfortable. You know the most of Chinese students were not good at listening and speaking, no exception of us, meantimes Steven spoke would speak very quickly when he answered someone’s questions, therefore students couldn’t fully understand what he said, except that some student translated his words into Chinese, but we all tried our best to listen to him, after all this was a good chance to speak English face to face with a foreigner.

The time passed so quickly. Two hours later, we said goodbye to Steven. As far as I can concerned, the whole talk was very happy, active and relaxing, and I found my English level was much better than before.